I'm back and I have candy

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging but I'm back with new and hopefully exciting tales of what I'm trying to learn today.  Tonight I took a candy making class that was taught and sponsored by Henrico County.   The class was fun and super cheap.  When I say super cheap, I do mean super-duper cheap.  It's a wonder the County stays in business charging such low prices for delightfully enriching classes like this.  I'm not being sarcastic about the enriching class part, just about the county not having money to stay in business part. 

My delicious, hand-made candy

The deadly pillars I had to dodge in the storm in order to survive
The class took place in one of those historical homes that’s always scattered across parks and hidden inside of botanical gardens.  There were 9 other individuals in the class and the ages ranged from teen to not so teen.  We were given instructions on how to create and personalize our candy and then we were let loose on a table full of colorful sweetness and sprinkles and chocolate.  The making of the candy actually wasn’t that difficult, the difficulty came in your ability to be creative with your design and not have it look sloppy.  I stuck with a bit of caution for my designs, I’d rather them be plain then messy looking.  The end result for me turned out to be 1 snowflake, 2 gingerbread people, 1 Christmas light bulb and 1 snowman head that really could use more detail and color.  I love looking at them and I think I will probably enjoy eating them as well.  After class was over, some major storm had hit the area; I had to risk my life to get back to my car.  There were overturned pillars (that I was told are extremely heavy), power outages in the parking lot and massive puddles every 3 steps.  Had I perished in the storm, these candies would have been my last gift to everyone.  Since I did not die and am living to tell the tale, I suppose I will make another batch of candy and share them with those I love most, or at least with those that come over to my house and want candy.   

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