Squeaky Clean

This is my favorite bar. Full of cinnamon
What did I do today?  I made me some smell goods.  I took a soap making class and I was pretty amazed at the fact that it wasn’t the hardest thing in the world. I think I can throw soap together pretty easily, some pieces may look better than others, but at the end of the day, it’ll be soap.  The hard part comes from trying not to kill people with your soap.  Adding dyes and fragrance and a ton of other things to make your soap smell good and look great can really do damage to someone’s skin.  The dye we added looked an awful lot like food dye, but I learned that if you put food coloring into your soap, you will turn someone's skin the color of the dye.  There’s nothing worse than having to apologize for giving someone a rash or color streaks on their body when all you wanted to give them was a homemade bar of soap.  Although the class, instructors and other patrons were nice and friendly, I chose not to pay attention in class and I did my own thing.  My goal was to leave the class with as many bars of soap as possible, I didn’t care if they stunk or burned your skin off, I just decided to choose quantity over quality.  With that being said, I think the concept of homemade soap is great and I’m going to experiment more at home.  I will be my own guinea pig and I will use my soap on my own body to make sure it’s safe for the general population.  Like a perm, I’ll use it on a test area first, so that if I overdue it with any ingredient, I won’t look like the elephant man afterwards.  I’ve already purchased my ingredients and soap molds, and I plan on getting started this weekend.  If my soaps become a success, not only will everyone I know receive at least one bar per year from me for whatever occasion, but I’ll also consider never buying another bar of soap as long as I live.  Dial, Dove, Lever 2000 and all those other money hungry soap companies will no longer have me as a customer.  Why pay someone for something I can do myself?  Realistically, I doubt I’ll start making my own soap because although I can wash my car, paint, cook and clean the carpet, I still pay others to do those things for me, why would soap making be any different....  
I left the class w/8 bars, those other suckers only had 4. I WIN

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  1. I totally read this in your voice, lol.