I'm a Level 1 graduate! Toss your caps in the air

My final project

Today was my last class of 'Level 1 Cake Decorating' and I passed with flying colors.  My final project was a well designed work of art.  Truthfully I could've created a pile of crap and the instructor still would've given me my certificate.  However, I feel good about myself since I feel like I actually kind of earned it.  My sister, who showed up late to class, made a great cake too.  I actually think hers looks better than mine which isn't fair since she's such a bad student.  She's late to class, doesn't read the syllabus and actually suggested we not go to class and learn at home on our own, and she still produces a great cake. sigh.  We're pretty gung ho about taking Level 2 Cake Design and we've even started thinking of the name of our bakery should we get so good at cakes that we feel the need to sell them.  I'm not going to hold my breath over that but it's fun to talk about. It's an hour after class ended and I just got a text that my sister's cake was knocked out of her hands and fell on the ground.  The person who knocked the cake from her hands actually felt so bad, they ate some of it off the ground.  That very disgusting, yet a sincere gesture.  Her cake will never be tasted by others and can only live on thru pictures.  Let's all have a moment of silence for my sister's lovely cake.......  My cake on the other hand is still in one piece and will be force fed to anyone that enters my home.  So if you're hungry, come on over.  I'm not sure when Level 2 design begins, but in the mean time, I have a cooking class, painting class and crown molding class to hold me over until I'm ready to bake it up some more.  Next week is painting so I'll have that update and hopefully a gorgeous work of art to display in my home.
My sister's cake BEFORE it fell on the ground

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