You can call me Betty Crocker

Today’s cake decorating class was great in the fact that we got to do lots of different icing designs, but horrible in the fact that I was slowly sneezing myself to death during the class because of allergies.  Don’t worry though, I didn’t sneeze on any cupcakes or icing but I do think that every time I sneezed, somebody in class looked at me like I was disgusting.  Sometimes I think that person was my sister since we were sitting next to each other AND sharing icing.  But I swear, I didn’t contaminate any of my food, and I’m not sick with anything contagious, it’s ALLERGIES not the Bird Flu…..I think. 
Today we made some gorgeous little flowers for our cupcakes and although I made mine differently than the instructor told us to, I still loved mine so much, it was so perty.  My sisters’ flower looked nice too, and then she dropped it.  We both gasped at the same time, and started laughing at the same time because that could only happen to her.  Nobody else dropped anything, but one of the Milon girls did.  Luckily it was just a test flower she dropped and not one of our delicious chocolate cupcakes.  I know you all can’t taste them, and you have to take my word for it, but these cupcakes taste like little rainbows in your mouth. YUM! 

Our test flowers before Kortni dropped hers
After filling what felt like a million bags full of icing, we got down to the business of icing our 6 cupcakes however we wanted.  I tried to use the techniques we’d been taught in class, but I just got so excited squeezing all those bags of icing, I did whatever.  I still think they turned out pretty good though.  Next week is our final class and we actually have a final.  The instructor makes it seem like the final is important, like we could fail.  I don’t really see how that’s possible.  I’m PAYING to take this intro to cake design class, I’m spending MY money, how is it possible that I won’t get my “certificate” and move on to the next level?  I know the concept of paying money, learning things, being tested on said things and then receiving a pass/fail is very similar to the concept of college, I just don’t think those same standards should apply to me and this class.  There’s a 10 yr old in the class for crying out loud, everyone is a winner here and we all deserve a certificate.  If I don’t receive my grade of pass, the next blog entry will be from jail because I will assault someone for taking my money and not giving me an A.  Hopefully it won’t come to assault and jail time, but I’m just warning everyone of what could happen.    

My 6 cupcakes. I like that one over there the best

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  1. Very pretty!

    I hope you pass the final! I think you would be a target of the Sisters in jail if you got there because you didn't pass a cake decorating class!