I'm really bad at a lot of things

 Today was cake decorating class #2 and I learned that my visions of thinking I have some special hidden talent, is getting smaller and smaller with every class I take.  I'm not saying my cake tonight isn't edible and tasty, I just don't believe it will be winning any beauty contest anytime soon.  My silver lining in my cake decorating mishaps is that my sister, God bless her, is no better than I am at these classes.  The Milon sisters will try together, make a valiant effort together and in most cases, mess up perfectly fine baked goods together.  I did get an A+ for icing making (video above, please don’t judge me for my non matching home attire).  I gave myself that A+ because if I wait around for others to acknowledge my exquisite icing making skills, I will be waiting for an eternity.  So an A+ for icing from scratch and a C- for design execution.  I gave myself a C because I think it taste ok, but it looks very different from the sketch I was modeling it after.  I think I’ll raise my grade to a B, at least you can tell what the design is….kind of.

I’m having a really fun time in this class, and I’m pretty sure if my budget will allow, I’ll move on to level 2 and 3 of cake design.  But please know this; it’s very discouraging that I’m not GREAT at cake design.  I want to be the Venus and Serena of cake design and so far it appears that I’m just the Kia of cake design, which isn’t a good thing just yet.  I will stick with this, I will celebrate small miracles and I will begin forcing my sweet treats on family, friends and neighbors pretty soon so get ready for that everyone. Next week its cupcake decorating, can’t wait!
I made the cupcake cake on the left, my sister made the fish cake on the right

My sisters 1st attempt at a cake. It was Angel Food Cake and disgusting

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