Yummy Yummy Yummy in my Tummy

Today was class 1 of my cake decorating classes and I somehow roped my sister into taking them with me.  I thought that we were really getting a great deal on this class.  We paid half price for the class itself and only had to purchase 1 little itty, bitty kit for the class. Then we show up and realize that we were 100% unprepared and we should’ve purchased other supplies.  Luckily we know how to improvise.  So while everyone else was using their already purchased icing to decorate their already purchased cookies, we were buying icing to decorate a piece of plastic and cookies that other class members so graciously gave us.  We made it work, and like always there was no need to be embarrassed about our lack of supplies because we were too busy laughing at ourselves to even notice if anyone in the class was giving us a snooty look.  My sister actually said the phrase, “Who reads the syllabus anyway?”  Not really sure where she came from talking like that, I ALWAYS read the syllabus (except this one time) but I’ll let her comment slide because she’s hilarious.
During this class we learned cake baking and icing techniques and how to make “star designs”.  My star making started off rocky like most of my icing creations in the past, but I quickly turned into a pro at it.  Next week, we have to bring in an already made cake and we’re going to decorate the top based off of designs in our kit.  I’m pretty excited about that because those designs have the ability to either look really great or look like actual crap and I want to overachieve and make something worthy of being displayed on one of those TLC cake design shows.  That probably won’t happen but I’m going to work really hard at it and not be influenced by my non syllabus reading sister.  For next week's class we have lots of supplies to get and if we don't have everything, I don't think we'll be able to fake that.  I'm already excited about the pictures I'll be able to post after the next class because I think I may have stumbled upon a hidden talent of mine that just needed a little guidance. 
Our star designs on our borrowed cookies and plastic sheet.

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