How come my feet don't work?

I’m a dancing machine, a frustrated machine, but still a dancing machine.  Yesterday in class I actually learned ADULT steps which proved to be really frustrating.  It was like I was doing the steps in extra slow motion.  It was kind of comical at times, frustrating at other times, but in the end at least I had attempted the steps.  I practiced a little in my garage when I got home so that I could make my debut in my dance video that I will post and it was pure comedy.  I think if anyone had seen me tapping away, they would’ve thought I was TRYING to be bad.  My feet just don’t do what I tell them to do, and my left foot is so much worse than my right foot.  I might just turn up the music really loud and move my feet so it will appear that I’m tap dancing.  Despite the lack of talent and the massive amount of funny that this tap routine will display, I’m still going to make a video because I said I would.  It will be called…..Save the Last Dance or Footloose or Step Up.  The title isn’t really important, and since the video will probably be less than 30 seconds it could be untitled and still be exactly what it’s going to be, foolish.

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